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Funerary complex constituted by two tomb-chambers, each with a forecourt on a rock-cut terrace, showing various inscriptions; this one appears within the N. tomb-chamber, cut above the entrance to the loculi together with iGCyr078100, IGCyr078200, IGCyr078300, IGCyr078500, IGCyr078600 and IGCyr078700; IGCyr077900 appears on the S. wall of the S. forecourt; IGCyr078000 on the face of a marble stele lying in the N. forecourt; no dimensions.




0.1-0.15; S. Farag and J.M. Reynolds mention lunate sigma, but the photograph clearly shows a classical slanting sigma.

Place of Origin



Perhaps third century B.C. (lettering)


Copied in 1825 by J.-R. Pacho at Cyrene .

Later recorded Location

Seen and copied by S. Applebaum between 1943 and 1945.

Later recorded Location

The tomb was rediscovered in 1969 by S. Farag of the Department of Antiquities on the W. side of the Wadi Bel Ghadir , West Necropolis , tomb W107 Cassels.

Last recorded Location

Seen and photographed by J.M. Reynolds in 1970.

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors.


Pacho, 1827 , pl. LXVI.6 whence CIG 5163; SGDI 4864; Farag-Reynolds, 1978-1979 , p. 232, n. 1.c.4, whence SEG , 37.1679, 4. Cf. Applebaum, 1962 , pp. 34-35.


Θεμισώ Ἐτέαρχ(ος)


1 CIG , Fraser-Matthews, 1987  Θεμίσω[ν]

2 Farag-Reynolds, 1978-1979  Ἐτεάρχ(ω) (alternatively suggested) : Applebaum, 1962  Θεμισω (sic)

French translation

Themisô. Étéarkhos.

English translation

Themiso. Etearchos.

Italian translation

Themisò. Etearchos.


Θεμισω may be read either as a complete feminine name Θεμισώ, as in the text and translations above, or as an uncomplete masculine Θεμίσω(ν) (Themison), the latter being plausible, as the name at line 2 is itself abbreviated, like both names in IGCyr078500.

The second name is probably the common Ἐτέαρχος at the nominative, like in all other occurrences in this tomb. And, generally speaking, the genitive is rare in such mentions cut above the entrances to loculi.

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