Trismegistos ID: 738635

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, Storeroom of the Italian missions, inv. number unknown.


Fragment of the rim of a cup with a black-glazed rule (0.037; 0.0175; -).


Scartched on the outside.


0.003 (omicron) to 0.009 (mu); three strokes iota, mu much longer to the left than to the right, san as sibilant, rho with a short oblique stroke under loop.

Place of Origin



Sixth century B.C. (context, lettering)


Found by M. Luni between 2004 and 2007 at Cyrene : temple of the Dioscuri on the Acropolis ridge (once said "tempio ipetrale").

Present Location

Not observed by IGCyr team

Text constituted from

Transcription from photograph (SMM).


Marengo, 2008 , p. 34, n. 4 (= Marengo, 2010 , p. 128, n. 4), whence SEG , 58.1839.4.


[---] ιρος | μ᾿ [ἀνέθε̄κε?].


1 [---] ιρος : Marengo, 2008  [---] ιϙος

French translation

 [---] iros m'[a consacré.]

English translation

 [---] iros [dedicated] me.

Italian translation

 [---] iros mi [ha dedicato].


On the assumption that this fragment is parallel to IGCyr110100 and others found together, a restoration was proposed by Marengo. For the second character, she also considered reading a qoppa, the small oblique stroke below being then accidental. However this seems less plausible than a rho because we have here a vertical stroke with a loop appended at right; for a similar rho, see IGCyr003800.

For the mu following a separation mark, the pronoun με seems very plausible if followed by the verb of dedication; the beginning of a personal name, given as another possibility, seems improbable, for fathers' names are not given in such archaic dedications.

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