Accounts of the damiergoi


Trismegistos ID: 106076

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 59.


Fragment of white marble block, broken on all sides and recut on opposite side for the shoulder of a draped sculpture; two holes for attachment to the statue were cut into the inscribed face (0.23-; 0.12-;0.05).


Inscribed on the face.


Line 1 0.01; elsewhere 0.008; slight serifs; nearly not slanting mu, xi without central hasta, very small omicron, slanting sigma, widely open upsilon.

Place of Origin



Third century B.C. (lettering)


Found before 1933 at Cyrene : agora .

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1976 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Oliverio, 1932-1933 , p. 97, n. 31 (ph.), whence SEG , 9.32. Cf. Gasperini, 1990 , p. 24, footnote 17.; for general bibliography on the accounts of the damiergoi see IGCyr011400.


[Ἱαρεὺς] Φιλύ̣[τας ---] . [Δαμιεργ]έντων Δεξάρχω Προκ̣[λεῦς], [c. 8] άμω Π̣ρ̣ολύτω, Αἰγλάνορ[ος c. 9] . [Κα]ρποὶ ἐτιμάθεν· πράτ⸢α⸣ ν 5[ἑξάμηνον]( vac. ) σπυρῶν 𐅠 𐅠 [---]  [---] , [ἐρεβί]ν̣θων 𐅠 𐅠 𐅠, κυάμων [---]  [c. 13]  𐅠̣, ἀμυσγελᾶ[ν μαλακᾶν ---]  [---] , [σ]ταφίδ[ων ---] . - - - - - -


1 Gasperini, 1990  Φιλύ̣[τας] : Oliverio, 1932-1933  Φιλι̣[---] 

2 Προκ̣[λεῦς] : Oliverio, 1932-1933  Προι̣[---] 

5 [ἑξάμηνον]( vac. ) : Oliverio, 1932-1933  [κριθᾶν ---] 

French translation

Prêtre Philytas [fils d'Untel], étant démiurges Dexarkhos fils de Pro[klès],  [---] amos fils de Prolytos, Aiglanôr [fils d'Untel]. Les récoltes ont été estimées: premier [semestre]: le médimne de froment, 8 drachmes  [---] ; pois chiches, 12 drachmes; fèves  [---]  4 drachmes; amandes à coque tendre, [tant; à coque dure, tant]; raisin sec  [---] .

English translation

Priest Philytas [son of So-and-so], being damiergoi Dexarchos son of Pro[kles],  [---] amos son of Prolytos, Aiglanor [son of So-and-so]. The crops were estimated: first [semester]: one medimnos of wheat, 8 drachmas  [---] ; chickpeas, 12 drachmas; beans  [---]  4 drachmas; almonds with soft shells, [so much; with hard shells, so much]; raisins  [---] .

Italian translation

Sacerdote Philytas [figlio del tale], essendo damiurghi Dexarchos figlio di Pro[kles],  [---] amos figlio di Prolytos, Aiglanor [figlio del tale]. Il raccolto è stato valutato: primo [semestre]: un medimno di frumento, 8 dracme  [---] ; ceci, 12 dracme; fave  [---]  4 dracme; mandorle a guscio tenero, [tanto; a guscio duro, tanto]; uva passa  [---] .

Arabic translation

في فترة الكاهن فيليتاس [بن فلان]، وكل من الداميرجوي ديكسارخوس بن برو[كليس]، و[---] اموس بن بروليتوس وإيجلانور [بن فلان]، المحاصيل قدرت كالتالي: أولا [الفصل الأول] الأول: مديمنوس من القمح، 8 دراخما [---]؛ الحمص، 12 دراخما؛ الفول [---] 4 دراخما؛ اللوز ذو القشورالهشة، [قيمة ما؛ ذو القشورالصلبة، قيمة ما]. الزبيب [---] .


At lines 4-5, two types of restoration seem possible: either ἑξάμηνον was explicit and barley was missing for that year, either, as Oliverio proposed, the word 'semester' was subaudible and κριθᾶν was mentioned without unit, contrasting with the unit mentioned for wheat. We prefer the first solution for sake of clarity, notwithstanding the necessity of admitting a short space.

For the name of the priest, Gasperini suggested Philytas as a possibility, although he eventually preferred to restore Philekis, which he found well preserved in IGCyr081200, line 4. However we prefer to read here a fragmentary upsilon, the more so that a Φιλύτας Εὐμηλίδα is mentioned in a list of names that Dobias-Lalou considers a list of priests of about the same period (IGCyr096700).

For the father's name of the first damiergos, from the last preserved letter only a very short inferior part of a hasta is preserved; rather than iota, which gives no attested name, we prefer kappa, allowing to restore the name Prokles, which is attested six times at Cyrene during the IV and III century B.C.

For the two species of almonds, see Dobias-Lalou, 2000 , p. 198.

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