Accounts of the damiergoi


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Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 65.


Lower part of white marble panel recut for re-use (0.26; 0.13;0.08).


Inscribed in a sunk field with right and left margins 0.015 wide at slightly higher level.


0.01-0.012; narrow and pressed together letters without apîces; rho with smaller loop, non-slanting sigma.

Place of Origin



Between the second half of third century and first half of second century B.C. (lettering)


Found before 1933 at Cyrene : agora .

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1979 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Oliverio, 1932-1933 , p. 138, n. 38, whence SEG , 9.39; Laronde, 1987 , pp. 331-333; for general bibliography on the accounts of the damiergoi see IGCyr011400.


- - - - - - [.] · κρομμύων 𐅂 (δραχμαί) γ´, ἐλαίω σ͡μ(ιρεύς) α 𐅂 (δραχμαί) ζ´, ἐλαιᾶν μέ(διμνος) α 𐅂 (δραχμαί) β´. Τὸ πάν· τὰ ἱαρεῖα ἐθύθη· ϡ͡δσ´ 〚[...] 〛π´· τὸ πὰν ἐσιὸν τῶ ἐνιαυτῶ 𐅂 (δραχμαί) ρμε´· τὸ πὰν ἐξιὸν τῶ ἐνιαυτῶ. ( vac. ). 5Παρόρεγμα δαμιεργοῖς 𐅂 (δραχμαί) βν´ (sic).


1 [.] · : Oliverio, 1932-1933  μ͡έδ(ιμνος) || ἐλαίω σ͡μ(ιρεύς) : Oliverio, 1932-1933  ἐλαίω μ(ε)τ(ρέτης)

2 μέ(διμνος) α : Oliverio, 1932-1933  μέ⸢δ⸣ (ιμνος) || Τὸ πάν· τὰ ἱαρεῖα : Oliverio, 1932-1933  Τὰ πάντα ἱαρεῖα·

5 βν´ (sic) : Oliverio, 1932-1933  ⸢ρ⸣ ν

French translation

 [---]  oignons, 3 drachmes; huile, le smireus , 7 drachmes; olives, un médimne, 2 drachmes. Total, les sacrifices ont été accomplis: 4280. Recette totale de l'année: 145 drachmes. Dépenses totales de l'année: ( vac. ). Rétribution pour les démiurges: 52 drachmes.

English translation

 [---]  onions, 3 drachmas; oil, per smireus , 7 drachmas; olives, one medimnos, 2 drachmas. Summary, the sacrifices have been accomplished: 4280. Total income of the year: 145 drachmas. Total expense of the year: ( vac. ). Allowance for the damiergoi: 52 drachmas.

Italian translation

 [---]  cipolle, 3 dracme; olio, per smireus , 7 dracme; olive, un medimno, 2 dracme. Totale, i sacrifici sono stati compiuti: 4280. Totale entrate dell'anno: 145 dracme. Totale uscite dell'anno: ( vac. ). Retribuzione per i damiurghi: 52 dracme.

Arabic translation

[---] البصل، 3 دراخما. الزيت، لكل سميريوس، 7 دراخما؛ الزيتون، للميديمنوس الواحد، 2 دراخما. ملخص، الأضحيات قد تم تقديمها: 4280. إجمالي الدخل للسنة: 145 دراخما. مجموع مصروفات السنة: (فراغ). تعطى للداميرجوي: 52 دراخما.


This account is organised in two semesters, but not inscribed in two columns, as will be more usual. This display happens only here, in IGCyr013400, IGCyr013700, IGCyr013800 and in IGCyr063900.

This account is irregular in several ways: no amount was cut for the total expense, the general income is very low and much lower than the expense for sacrifices. It might be that the spaces for those amounts were first left empty and were cut later by someone who mingled the different sums. However, the special allowance for for damiergoi is notably lower than on all other years. The stone has 52 dr. (with the not rare order single number + tens), which Oliverio, perhaps rightly, corrected to 150. This is still very far from the usual amount of 300 dr. So also Laronde, 1987 , pp. 331-333. Another hypothesis, retained by Oliverio for his translation, is that exceptionally the amounts were written at the head of the sentences (thus 4280 dr. as income and 145 dr. as expense). However, this would not explain the lack of 'rest' and the very low levels of both income and retribution for damiergoi. See another explanation at IGCyr014300.

For smireus as measure of liquids, see Dobias-Lalou, 2000 , pp. 202-203.

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