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Trismegistos ID: 738486

Source Description


Fragment of a marble stele or panel, broken off on all sides (except perhaps at right) (dimensions unknown).


Inscribed on front face.


Height unknown; slight serifs, alpha with low bar, small theta and omicron, pi with proeminent upper bar, rho with small loop, non-slanting sigma.

Place of Origin



Second half of second century B.C. (lettering)


Found before 1939 at Cyrene : exact findspot unrecorded.

Present Location

Not found by G. Pugliese Carratelli in 1960.

Present Location

Not found by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editor.


SECir , 106 (ph.).


- - - - - - [---] ΟΣ ἐπὶ σ[---?]  [---]  ν ιας τῶν ἀγρῶν [---?]  [---] αθέντας ἐπὶ [---?]  [---]  [τὸς ἀ]γρὸς ἐπὶ τοῖς [---?]  5 [---]  ἐγδόσιος ἱαρη[---?]  [---] ΤΗΙ+η̣ καὶ ΑΝ̣[---?]  - - - - - -


1-2 ἐπὶ σ[---?]  | [---]  : SECir  ἐπισ|[---] 

2 (Pugliese Carratelli saw a hasta before ιας)

4 [τὸς ἀ]γρὸς : SECir  [ἀ]γρὸς

6 η̣ (Pugliese Carratelli saw the top of two hastae after the illegible letter)

French translation

Intraduisible (cf. commentaire).

English translation

Not usefully translatable (see commentary).

Italian translation

Intraducibile (cf. commento).

Arabic translation

لا يمكن ترجمته بشكل جيد.


This fragment is only known from a photograph in the Cyrene archives. From the lettering and textual content, we might guess that it is a part of IGCyr062810, but this cannot be pushed because we have no information about dimensions either of the stone or of the letters.

Pugliese Carratelli thought the fragment to be complete at right. The photo does not really help to decide.

The word ἀγρός 'field' is mentionned twice (l. 2 and 4) in this small fragment along with ἔκδοσις 'sale' (l. 5). There is also the word for 'priest' (ἱαρεύς, l. 5), so that the whole might deal with some sacred land like in IGCyr062810.

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